Soil Enriching Compost

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Our compost is made from 100% recycled green materials received on site. Our green waste comes from landscapers, public parks, local authorities etc. Upon arrival, it is sorted to remove all foreign objects. It is then shredded and windrowed to start the composting process. After 12 weeks of constant turning and monitoring, we are ready to screen and extract our rich and nutritious compost

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What is compost used for?

Compost is a naturally made product to help plants grow.

Does compost turn into soil?

Yes eventually it does make up part of what topsoil is.

Can I plant directly in compost?

While you can it is advised that you mix with soil as our compost is very rich in nutrients. The soil will also give you the structure you need.

How often should you put compost on your garden?

A top up every year before spring is advised.

Whats the difference between top soil and compost?

Topsoil is the top layer of soil in your garden. While it holds a lot of the qualities of soil it also gives you the structure and water retention abilities your plants need. Compost is simply decomposed organic matter.

How much compost do I need for a 4×8 raised bed?

Use our topsoil calculator “here”. Remember to have the depth you require also.

Will seeds germinate in compost?

Yes but you preferably should mix with topsoil to give structure.

Is compost a fertilizer?

Yes it is a naturally produced fertilizer.

Can I plant directly in compost?

Yes you can however preferably mix with topsoil.


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